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We always find it fascinating to hear how creative people discover their love for what they do and then actually have the guts to pursue their passion and new-found talents.

So how does an Occupational Therapist decide that her Creative passion was a stronger force? Belinda Vandenboom from @GallerieB is this very person. Sounds like a familiar story to us!

Photo: Belinda Vandenboom

Belinda describes her Gallerie B website as “a place for her to record and share her passion for all things inspiring and delightful in the world of interior decorating and beyond”.

“I guess through life there are many times when you need to assess where you want to channel your energy and love for things” says Belinda, “and this is where I have found my creative outlet”.

After being housebound with a young family, Belinda completed an online course in Interior Design. However, she did miss the engagement with people and customers so she decided to follow up the online course with an intensive interior design course held at the highly regarded Coco Republic School in Sydney.

Belinda recounts that after walking down the local street one day, she saw a great new interiors store opening. Being the interiors lover she is, she naturally walked in and immediately re-acquainted with an old friend from school – Kate Taylor from Montebello Emporium. Thus, a successful working relationship started and Belinda stayed on at Montebello Emporium for 4 years, offering invaluable support and advice to clients in all things interiors and design. Her passion grew and grew. Her time at Montebello also allowed Belinda to think long and hard about what she really wanted to do with her new interior design career. As such, Belinda branched out on her own, took a risk and then created her site, which showcases her love of “ American Classic Style”. Belinda spent 2 years in her Teens in Virginia, USA and fell in love with American Style and the incredible attention to design detail and craftsmanship talent that exists in the States. We cannot agree more at Ziporah Lifestyle: we have also fallen in love with all things US-Style!

Photos: American Style from Gallerie B

Belinda’s website GallerieB  is where you can read her highly successful “Friday’s Favorites “ weekly posts plus lose yourself in the gorgeous images and inspiration from far and wide. Her eye is sharp and Belinda’s posts regularly inspire much interior-envy amongst us. She also loves a bargain and regularly features less expensive items mixed with investment pieces.

Belinda is still finessing her blog and website plus she has fast tracked her learning on EVERYTHING Social Media in recent years. She regularly attends Bloggers conferences to keep in touch with what people want to read about and view and Belinda places great emphasis on knowing what her readers want to know and see. A follower herself of many American Blogs, she finds their views and advice fresh and highly inspirational.

So what is next on this agenda for GallerieB – Apart from Bogging and posting interior Inspiration? Creating a shop of her own and bringing her most loved homewares to everyone: “Classic with a touch of glamor and splashes of color thrown in”. We can’t wait to see the results!

You can read about Belinda and Gallerie B for yourself at Gallerie B

Facebook: @Gallerie B

Instagram: @gallerieb

Pinterest: Gallerie B

Photo: Outdoor American style from Gallerie B

Ziporah Lifestyle cannot resist asking our regular Quiz questions-here are Belinda’s musings:

What is the part of your work that most inspires you to be creative? Finding delightful pieces – be it a beautiful dress or a divine vase which I can share with my Clients and customers and that make their lives a little bit lovelier.

How important is originality and uniqueness in your day to day work? Important – I try and source pieces that give a sense of wonder and delight.

Why do you prefer to work with Luxe and original /unique pieces/ clothing? I love integrity- I could never promote something I didn’t love. I get excited by the backstories of so many of our products which are often produced by local creatives and artisans. I want to share these with our customers.

What inspires your creativity and what drives you to fulfill this? I guess it’s the divine spark- wonder – the creative force of the everyday.

What’s your inspiration? I love the US- born interior designer Diane Bergeron who now lives in Melbourne. She has a great sense of style and embraces color in her work. Diane has also developed a beautiful fabric and furniture range as well as setting up “Design for Mirabel”, a fundraiser for the Mirabel foundation.

What’s your idea of perfect happiness? Holidaying with my family somewhere warm that is close to the water, like our recent time in Hawaii.

What’s your greatest fear? Losing a family member.

What’s your greatest Extravagance? My weakness is beautiful homewares. My bone inlay blue dresser is one of my favorite pieces.

Which words and phrases do you use the most? My friends and I use # hashtags a lot to different words and phrases. You can never use too many Emojis!

What is your greatest regret? It is a cliché but I don’t think I have any regrets. I see everything in life as a stepping stone to getting to where you currently are. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and sometimes when you think are off track, you realize they are all part of the journey. I do wish though that I got to spend more time on this earth with my grandparents.

What do you wish for? Good heath of course and for my girls to be happy in whatever they pursue in life.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would that be? My husband is 6’4”s I would love to be about 3 inches taller. I would love to be more of a risk taker and be able to ignore self doubt.

When and Where are you most happy? My wedding day and the birth of my daughters.

Which talent do you wish you had? This is going to sound a bit shallow but I wish I knew how to apply make up properly. I attempted to have a proper lesson at Mecca but the salesperson gave up on me in the end, my eyes kept watering.

What is your greatest achievement? My 2 Daughters.

If you could choose one person to come back as, who would it be? Fashion Illustrator Megan Hess. She has been blessed with an amazing talent that has taken her all over the world.

Who would be your ideal dinner party guests (alive or dead)? Oprah (I wouldn’t mind if she was the only guest), Meryl Streep, Robin Williams and Edith Piaf to provide the vocal entertainment.

What is your most treasured Possession? My wedding ring.

Where would you like to Live? The Hamptons (of course).

Who is your favorite Hero? Definitely my mum. She has such a positive approach to life and sees the best in everyone.

What do you dislike the most in life? Hearing of the senseless loss of life on the news everyday.

What is your motto? #lifestooshort

If you could be an animal, which animal would you be? One of the queen’s Corgis!

Photo: Gallerie B

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