Creative Inspiration: Personal Styling by Sally.

Have you ever wanted to shop all day and make a career of it? Work with amazing clients who soak up your every word? Stay in touch with all things fashion and impart that knowledge to others? I must say I did have to check my own personal style before meeting up with the Lady of Style – Sally Mackinnon. Do I look OK? On-trend? Stylishly- current? There was no need to worry: Sally makes you feel most at ease with yourself and what you wear and THAT is a talent within itself.

Photo: Sally Mackinnon

Sally has always had a creative flare-even from a young age- and a great eye for fashion and styling. It was how she was “hard wired” from the beginning.

But her career took her to 10 years of teaching,however, her desire to follow that creative passion never lost its fire.

Who would have thought that “Trinny and Susannah” would have had been an influence? It was a catalyst for Sally to identify that there really was a market for everyday women and men to undertake a total wardrobe overhaul.

Even as early as 2000, Sally had 20 business cards printed off and started with an idea : “If I put it down in writing, this could happen one day” she thought.

Where little dreams start, big dreams can grow; so in 2007 Sally launched her logo “Styled by Sally”, and a business was born. Sally didn’t just totally give up her day- job, she spent to 4 days per week teaching and the other 3 days were spent styling clients up. We know the feeling of major multi-tasking to make something happen…….

After about 6 months, Sally began advertising in the “Melbourne Weekly, and more and more work flowed. Sally found that her service was so good, that the referrals just kept flowing in…and in…and in.

Sally was always driven by the mantra: “Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear”? After 1.5 years Sally resigned from teaching and went to full -time Styling. Go Girl!

Many people would think that it is a luxury to have a personal shopper. Sally doesn’t think it should be a luxury and that all woman and men should feel amazing every day. Dress well to your shape and style is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. And it doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

Investing in a personal shopper is an efficient use of time as it allows the client to be direct, targeted and budget conscience. Sally does the legwork for you and buys to YOUR budget and YOUR lifestyle.

8 years on and the styling environment is very competitive. It seems like the new trend, something that’s easy and something that most people can do. But just like interior design, it takes pure, hard talent and a lot of grunt work to achieve results. Yep, it is a talent and in order for business to grow -and to train and employ new Stylists to your Team-you must work damn hard. Clearly, Sally is doing everything right.

Sally’s talent lies in understanding what suits certain body shapes. We are all different, and she recognizes these differences. Her service is truly bespoke. Women and men can be vulnerable when discussing themselves: there is a lot of negative talk when it comes to personal body shapes versus what is currently on-trend. “I guess my teaching skills have helped “, says Sally, “I can relate to people on many levels”.

Currently in 2015, Sally has employed 2 extra Stylists into her team and she is extremely busy with “repeat clients” (shopping season to season) with new referrals coming thick and fast. Think of her service as the “Tools” tab on your wardrobe each Season.

Sally is also busy doing all the social media for her business plus the majority of client appointments during her 6 day-a week-service. Sundays are always a relax day to spend with family and friends.

Sally believes that clothing makes a huge impact on self-esteem and that everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. A personal stylist can take the stress out of their lives, and create a fuss-free easy dress/style plan. Wardrobe sorted!

Photo: Sally Mackinnon

Sally next move is to concentrate on Men’s styling – an often-overlooked segment of the market, but one that is as equally as important and presents a huge opportunity for her business.

Photo: Styled By Sally

As first impressions truly do count, I hope I did ok! If you require a little style and luxe in your life then definitely grab yourself a session with this very talented and creative lady. You won’t be sorry that you did!

We –of course- challenged Sally to our Ziporah Lifestyle Proust Questionnaire. Herewith, Sally’s spin on things:

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Holidaying with husband, glass of wine in hand, overlooking beach/city /mountain

What is your greatest fear? Death of parents

Who is your inspiration? Husband Nic

What is your greatest extravagance? Designer clothing

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? Really

What is your greatest regret? Not knowing my grandparents in adulthood

What do you wish for? Good health and prosperity

What is your current state of mind? Positive

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Be a morning person

When and where were/are you most happy? Wedding Day

Which talent do you wish you had? Singing

What is your greatest achievement? Starting my own business

Who would be your ideal dinner party guests (alive or dead: go for it!)? Julia Gillard, Justin Timberlake, Judith Lucy and Jane Caro

What is your most treasured possession? Chanel Handbag

Where would you like to live? Melbourne/ New York

What is your favorite occupation? Stylist

Who is your favorite hero? (Living or dead: go for it!) Michael Jackson

What do you dislike the most in life? Rudeness, lack of courtesy, bad manners

What is your motto? Life’s to short to ….

If you could be an animal, which animal would you be? Dog


Sally Mackinnon
Personal stylist & wardrobe consultant

mobile  0416 184 997


Instagram @styledbysally

Facebook @styledbysally

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